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Two "DESIRED" publications are out!

We are really excited to announce that two articles from the DESIRED project have been published in 2024!

In January 2024, a review paper on “Merging the Green-H2 production with Carbon Recycling for stepping towards the Carbon Cyclic Economy”, co-authored by our project coordinator Prof Angela Dibenedetto (CIRCC, Università degli Studi di Bari) and our project technical manager Prof Michele Aresta (IC2R), was published on the Journal of CO2 Utilization.

The review paper explores the synergy of hydrogen and cyclic economy, emphasizing the need for large-scale CO2 conversion into energy products, addressing challenges and proposing sustainable solutions for a greener future.

Read the full paper here:

In March 2024 a paper on “Copper–Zinc Oxide Heterostructure Photocathodes For Hydrogen and Methanol Production” was published in Materials Today Advances! The paper was co-authored by the DESIRED partners IC2R and CIRCC.

The paper tackles the challenges of low activity and short lifetime in photocatalysts, presenting a CuO-ZnO composite with mutual self-doping. This innovative photocathode demonstrates remarkable photoelectrochemical properties, producing high-density photocurrent for 24 hours. Under visible light, it efficiently performs water-splitting, and in the presence of CO2, it masterfully reduces carbon dioxide to methanol with excellent selectivity, coupled with water oxidation.

Read the full paper here: