DESIRED participated in the XX ICCDU – 20th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization

The DESIRED project participated in the XX ICCDU – 20th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization, which took place in Bari, Italy, on 25-29 June 2023. The conference was organized by the DESIRED Project Coordinator, Prof Angela Dibenedetto (CIRCC) and Technical Manager, Prof Michele Aresta (IC2R). Charles University (CU) and University of Warsaw (UW), members of the DESIRED consortium, also participated.

In the conference, an entire session was dedicated to the DESIRED project. Professor Michele Aresta (IC2R) presented a Key Note Lecture on “The DESIRED EU-funded Project. Converting CO2 and H2O into C2+ or CH3OH under solar irradiation in a new concept reactor at room temperature”. Four Oral Communications were presented by Renata Solarska (UW) on the “Influence of Multi-Interface Engineering on Photoelectrochemical CO2 Reduction”, Krzysztof Bienkowski (UW) on the “Upside-down insight into CO2 photo- reduction kinetics”, Tomasz Baran (IC2R) on “Evaluating charge carrier transition in copper–zinc and copper-copper heterostructure photocathodes towards conversion of solar energy into fuels”, and Shambel Getachew Wasse (IC2R) on “Photocatalyst supported on biomatrix for selective conversion of CO2 into methanol at room temperature”. Two posters were presented by Pavla Eliasova (CU) on “Layered titanium carbides as a component in FTO/Cu2O photocathode for photoelectrocatalytic reduction of CO2”, and Alessandra Petrucciani (CIRCC) on “Frustule: the silica bioscaffold from oceans” who also won the Best Poster Award.

A video of the participation of DESIRED in the XX ICCDU conference was prepared by CU, shown below.

Alessandra Petrucciani (CIRCC) won the Best Poster Award with a poster on “Frustule: the silica bioscaffold from oceans

Tomasz Baran (IC2R) & Pavla Eliasova (CU)