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4th General Assembly Meeting

On April 23-24, 2024, the DESIRED project partners gathered in Bari, Italy, for the 4th General Assembly meeting. The project meeting spanned two days and included various key discussions and activities.

The first day of the meeting was held at the IC2R premises in Tecnopolis, Valenzano. The partners reconvened on the second day at Villa La Rocca, part of the University of Bari, hosted by CIRCC. The assembly provided an excellent opportunity for the partners to review the project’s progress and activities across all work packages (WPs). Key topics included the development and characterization of new concept photocatalysts, the design and development of the photoreactor, and the initial activities of the integrated life cycle sustainability assessment of the DESIRED fuel production system.

A highlight of the meeting was a visit to Prof. Michele Aresta’s lab at IC2R, where the partners witnessed the DESIRED reactor in action. This demonstration underscored the tangible progress being made in the project.